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Founded in 2004, with the total area of 15,000 quare meters, Zhejiang Jinhua Runchn Tools Co., Ltd. is an export-oriented manufacturer that devoted to producing drain cleaners, bicycle racks, quick grips, wall-mounted hooks and hardware racks. Our products are wide in variety and very popular on overseas market, such as America, Europe, South east Asia, Australia etc.


Our company have four automatic producing lines and full range of equipments including injection machines, punching machines, blank press machines, spring winding machines and some others.With the motto ‘Higher Quality, Reasonable Price’, our company is always striving for developing new products, and serve our customers.


Welcome to inquire our products and contact us freely for any information. We sincerely hope to establish business relations with your esteemed company.


A. Good Faith
1. So said, so done—open and direct communication;
2. Respect others, just like the way we hope to be respected;
3. Admit your own mistake—do not blame on others;
4. Make a good example in doing every thing.
B. Customer Service
1. Understand and Meet Customer Demands;
2. Increase Customer Values;
3. Rapidly Tackle Customers’ Difficulties;
4. Analyze Problems and Take Actions in Customers’ Views.
C. Pursue Excellence
1. Be proficient in all the businesses and add value to the system by putting yourexpertise into full swing;
2. Improve product quality, lower product cost, provide superior products and service;
3. Adopt rational system, accelerate the generation of results and fairly evaluate the results.


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